Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week 9 open skate and Oly Bout!

I've been off skates for two days. I usually take Thursday and Friday off to rest and recoup. I want to start skating 6 nights a week but it can be a hassle with Thursday being at Bellevue and Friday being teen night.

Anyways I always feel weird after a day or two not skating. I think the best remedy for this in the future will be to do an hour at home in the hallway.

So I've been pretty low energy with the whole slim meals thing so going to skate has been difficult. I got on wheels that seemed completely foreign and of course after a few minutes I warmed up and got rolling.

I was so tired and had to really dig deep. As I've said my body is trying to revolt against the idea of eating like someone who is not a football player, and does not like the lack of easy energy.

But I got to the point where I could start really working. My biggest goal right now is balancing on my right foot. My left foot is my strongest and as I am goofy footed. If that is a term. I lead with my left, but for transitions I need to have more strength in my right.

Anyways my right ankle is weaker and I have been working on strengthening it. And today I was able to do 3 second balancing in a fairly straight line. Yeah!

Then I am still working on crossovers. I did a few of those too!

Then I headed down to Olympia and worked my first bout as an NSO! That was really cool. I was working the penalty board, which is fairly straight forward. But it was a really crazy game. Penalty tracking is awesome!

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