Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week 10 a good practice

Today's practice was full of all sorts of fun.

Jumping, I've never done jumping. A little anticlimactic. I think it seemed like it should be freakier, but when you squat down to jump you're really only a foot from the ground so if you fall it's not really falling.

Obstacle courses. I kind of sucked at this one. I was supposed to step over and around better and I didn't really. But whatever.

Today was really good for one thing. I pushed really hard. I followed the pace line as long as I could. I had to take short breaks, but I kept skating as hard and fast as I could. Fortunately the pace line wasn't that fast so I sort of kept up. But it was still a lot of work

I pushed until my legs would start to burn and then I just kept saying "burn burn burn" to get myself through it and going longer. I took breaks when my legs were shaking really bad.

It was good.

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