Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 8 Scrimmage

Last night was another scrimmage. When we have scrimmages, until my skating skills come up to snuff, I usually NSO.

This is good as we don't have a ton of NSOs and I have a lot of time on my hands, so I like to get involved as much as possible.

The skating part I did do was just the first 30 minute warm up. It's kind of a bummer when I don't get any real skating in. I'm trying to get up my endurance, I'm trying to work on skills, and I am really trying to get into shape!

But on days where you can't get a full skate in, or you're just too exhausted physically or emotionally to do a full skate, a few minutes is actually fine and really important.

Something I've found with newer skaters. I don't know if this is true for more experienced skaters, I'll let you know when I get there. Is that when you put your skates on there is this warm up period where you have to remind your body why there are wheels on your feet.

You feel weird, unbalanced and a lot like you've never skated before. If you didn't skate the day before or missed several days skating it's even worse. So my recommendation for newer skaters is that if you are not going to skate today, put your skates on and do some skills in your kitchen or hallway.

Even if it's only for 10-20 minutes. Just remembering how to move on skates for a few minutes will make the next skate practice that much easier.

Anyways last night was not a huge skating triumph for me, but I am feeling the flow of what to do for a scrimmage and hopefully soon a bout.

After practice we had a ref meeting and then a few of us went for food. While meeting and making friends has not been my primary focus, am I really glad this is a benefit to joining derby. I really like the people I'm spending my time with.

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