Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week 8 practice and open skate

Yesterday and today are actually being combined into one. I didn't skate a ton during practice as we did a mini scrimmage.

I did drills with the team. It actually felt really good. Even though I sucked and
was the slowest and had to skate outside the line. But I've progressed enough now that I am at least included. Before I had to skate on the sidelines.

Worked on some good drills that I desperately need. It's a little frustrating as the one basic skill I need to do a lot of other stuff is currently way beyond my grasp. The open position side surf skate. I don't need to side surf, but I need to balance on my right leg enough to put my left foot behind me and in open position. Not even close yet.

But the next 30 days are likely to be spent working on that a lot.

Tonight I went to the open skate. So I'm trimming back my food intake a bit and trying to hurry up the "in shape" part of this endeavor. I know that if I can get close to the pre-baby size it will help immensely.

Unfortunately my cushy assed body has been happily gorging itself the last three years so it's not super happy about the restrictions in food. When I got out on the floor I was pretty shaky. I had last eaten at 5pm and it was now 8:30. But I worked through it and got a sports drink to get some quick sugar in.

I worked on strengthening my right leg for the most part. I was really too shaky to try and do much more. And when I have days like this I'm really just looking to get some floor time in and not super worried about longevity.

My right leg needs some serious time and attention. So I did sticky skate with using my left leg as the push and focusing on my right leg moving in a straight line. Harder than you would think and I definitely am lacking in a bunch of muscles in there.

Tomorrow I am going to go to Bellevue and do another light skate night. Unless I get it together enough to practice drills at home. Maybe both.

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