Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 9 new milestones

Today's practice was awesome! I know I say that a lot, but at this point in my training I hit new levels at pretty much every skate.

What was the biggest improvement was I made it through the whole practice. Usually the warm up kills me. Usually the next drill then continues to annihilate my nearly dead muscles until I have to go sit down.

This is ok, it's a learning curve and an endurance curve. But today was my first day that I only took breaks with the players. We had 2 1-minute water breaks. There were a few times I had to skate on the outside to just barely keep moving as my legs were shaking so bad. But I did it!

Dude they wrecked me, but I kept skating! I sucked at squats! But I kept skating! I still cannot do knee dips, but one step at a time.

So we did line drills. The person in the front of the line had to skate around to the back of the pack. So I actually was not able to catch the back of the line. Details details.

Gary asked if I wanted to participate in the drill, I said "Hells Yeah!" I think we are all comfortable with the fact that technically I am not able to do the drills completely, but I will try and gracefully suck it!

We did a worm next. I made it through about a third of the line. Hey at least I caught up to the line!

Then we did pack drills. It took the entire drill for me to catch up to the pack to actually touch someone. Do I suck? Hell yeah! Do I care? Hell no! Because in another month, no one is going remember how bad I sucked, cause by then I won't be sucking anymore!

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