Sunday, June 19, 2011

"B" Fit

So I follow this blog about this awesome lady who does all sorts of fitness and crossfit stuff. Anyways she is great and looked like a good resource to ask questions about my own training.

I'm super duper getting into the weight lifting and specifically the crossfit style of lift that incorporates a series of moves in an exercise that hits lots of muscles instead of the super specific weight machines. It's rocking my world and kicking my ass.

Anyways my legs are pretty much constantly trashed and it's hard to run on super sore legs. I inquired to the B fit superhero what she thought about it and I'm glad I did. Her suggestion was to back off the running for a month and get my body stronger. Specifically doing hip flexor leg exercises. Then reintroduce to running.

With stronger legs my running should see some significant improvement. On the few weeks where I haven't lifted as much I've noticed how much faster I am when I run, so I'm hoping to really see improvement in the next month or so.

It's amazing that running and swimming are such great exercise but still don't do squat when it comes to lifting weights.

Yeah for crossfit and lifting weights! And stronger running!

Oh why couldn't the rock and roll be at the end of July or August so I could rock it properly! oh well.

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