Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Better back..

Well the past couple of days spent resting were annoying and enjoyable at the same time. It really is nice to lay around do nothing. I remember when I used to do that every day!

Anyways my back was feeling a little better this morning and I needed to get some exercise in before tomorrow's trip!

I did a little walking on the treadmill, then some weights, and then a 30 min run. Felt good.

I'm not bringing my skates to Arizona. I think the potential to screw my back worse on skates is pretty significant. And really there won't be that many opportunities anyways. So I'll do some running and see what kind of equipment they have in the hotel gym.

Hmmm. Maybe I'll bring my lap suit and do some water workouts.

Tomorrow I leave very early for the airport and off to Arizona! Banked track roller derby tournament!

45 min treadmill
45 weights

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