Sunday, June 5, 2011

God damn!

So bout day! Today's bout was brought to you by rough and crazy!

First half of 4 halves. I know that sounds weird but that how it ran. 2 games staggered.

So first half I was head ref. Each bout I ref has been a sharp learning curve. Since the track was finished we have had 4 bouts, 2 of which (including tonight) that I have head reffed. Needless to say I am lacking in experience. And weird shit happens. Sometimes I am quick thinking and handle things. Other times not so quick. It's part of learning and I'll get better. But at this point, well most everything is new territory.

Anyways I learned a lot tonight. I made some good decisions and there we somethings that I would do differently next time. All in all, it went well.

But oh yeah there was the crazy shit!

So sometime during the second half of the 4 halves one of our refs broke her leg. Yeah in case there was any question, roller derby is a tough sport. Shit happens and people get hurt. So they wheeled her off with a leg that had two breaks and a dislocated ankle. So now we do not have enough refs. We dropped the head ref position and between myself, Able C-Man and the infield team we work it out.

Things start getting confusing. The head ref deals with any weirdness. There is a lot of weirdness in derby. Making sure everything gets done and on time. We handled it. But boy did it make the game harder. So I jam reffed the next three halves. With no head ref, me sort of doing it, Able sort of doing it. And the girls were crazy.

There were flying skaters left and right. They barely seemed to be able to stay on the track! The hits were hard and ruthless and we had to dodge the casualties. I normally "go down" like 3-4 times in a game. And by go down I mean go down on one knee to avoid collision. Tonight's game I went down over 30 times. And the lead changes were freakin constant.

What I'm getting at is that it was a crazy, confusing and often hairball game. But on the bright side all my strength training has been paying off. I skated like I have never skated before.

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  1. The bout was great! And you couldn't even tell all the craziness was occurring with the refs after the leg break. You guys rocked it!