Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Facing the facts

When I signed up for the half marathon it was over 3 months prior. So I really can't complain. In the future I really need to sign up for smaller events that are still open closer to the date. But whatever.

Things that are thwarting me:

-Past 5 weeks have not cooperated with my running plan. Which really is ok.
-Back injury 3 weeks ago. Feels much better now.
-Head and chest cold this weekend. Almost gone.
-Pickup for packets is the industrial district and I have at least 2 small children and up to 5 kids with me at all times.
-Working til 2:30am the night before the half marathon.
-Working at 4pm til 2:30am the day of the half marathon.
-Need to watch the kids so husband can demo concrete and lay new concrete under the kids room the day of the marathon.

I think there is a point where you need to just let go of doing a race. Sadly I already paid for it. This is a lesson learned when it comes to planning a big race. My life right now does not work with big races. And really, the smaller races are more fun anyways.

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