Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 1

The next 48 hours goes like so...

Get up and out with two children, one infant to school by 9am.
Go to the gym with one child, one infant by 9:30
Get home and take shower by 11:20
Go back to get first child from school. 12:30
Get home, feed all three children, clean house, make food for tonight.
Leave to pick up teenager at 3:20
Drop off teenager, children and infant at house by 3:40
Get to work by 4:00
Work until 2am
Get up late! Thankfully the husband is not working today, so I can sleep in!
Get ready for Sat nights game and be at Everett by 3pm
Head ref the first bout, Jam ref the second! (For those who are non-derby, jam reffing is skate really really fast!)
Finish the bout hopefully before 10pm
Go home and super fast change into work clothes.
Get to work as close to 10pm as possible!
Work until 2am.
Go home, pass out and pretend it was all a dream.
Geez freakin Louise.

Super light workout today, a little weights a little walking and super little running. Need the legs to work for tomorrows bout. Still currently walking like I'm riding a barrel. Those sumo squats killed!!!


  1. You are amazing. I need a workout like that!

  2. Dang, girl! That's one busy schedule! Hope you survived it all well!