Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kinda glad...

I'm kinda glad now that I've finally made the decision. Not to run the half, that is. I was going to have to cut back on weight training so my legs would be fresh on Saturday. But now I can wreck em as hard as I want.

Today was successful. I actually feel like I didn't work my legs hard enough. But I can always make up for it tomorrow.

My arms, on the other hand. Fairly well noodled.

So I have a milestone. A proverbial mountain to climb. The pull up bars at the gym. I don't think I can actually do a pull up without assistance. And even if I could it'd only be 1 or 2 pull ups. But I want to start doing those, and knee pull ups.

The hitch being, I hate to try something at the gym that is totally beyond my skill level. Even though I know no one is paying attention.

I almost did it today. But there were people using that area when I was ready. Maybe tomorrow.

70 minutes total body

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