Thursday, June 30, 2011

New training plan

Well the derby season is coming to a close.

We have a bout next weekend, then a final championships August 20th. After the bout will likely be a hiatus for the rest of August and a bit of September. Our next season won't start again until January, so I'll be able to focus on more training!

My plan will be as follows:

Mon: weights, 1 hour bike
Tues: 1 hour run, 1-2 hour skate
Wed: weights, 1 hour bike, 1-2 hour skate
Thurs: 1 hour run, 1-2 hour skate
Fri: weights, 1 hour bike
Sat: 2 hour easy run
Sun: Sleep!

Breakfast; coffee, carbs and some protein
Lunch: protein and veg
Dinner: protein and veg, and optional low carb drinks!
Snacks: more coffee

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