Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 17, 2011

Good knees! Slight ache towards the first 1.5 miles, but not much. No wraps today so I'm happy that my knee and on down is starting to feel good.

Goals are to slowly increase mileage and times, but just by a few minutes each week. If I add an extra 5 minutes to each week I'll be stoked. And with running faster the mileage just adds up without really thinking about it.

And some of the derby girls are going to join me on my wee-nie running experience so I should get some additional runs in once or twice a week.

Ran 2.5 miles 38 minutes
400 each sit/back ups with added weights to the sit ups. They are actually getting too easy!
35 push ups. Getting better by feel and some day they will actually be real pushups!


  1. You're rockin it! But what the hell is a "back up"?

  2. Oh right! So back ups are basically a sit up for your back. If you are going to strengthen your body you'd better do both sides. So to do a back up, start with the basic crunch. Lay on your stomach, legs together, fingers laced behind your head. Kind of like a upside down sit up, but your legs are flat on the ground. Then lift your head, neck and shoulders as high as you can go. Then lower yourself back down, just like a stomach crunch but for your back. I do all sorts of variations by lifting my legs, alternating arms and legs, lifting my legs out to both sides, ect. The difference it makes in walking, running and especially skating is phenomenal.