Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10, 2011

Yesterday it was my right knee, today it was my left calf. It's ok though!

So this is the beauty of running daily. Somedays are not as good as others. It doesn't really matter as I got some miles in and that's all that's important.

Today it was just barely 2 miles. But it was 2 miles! Two weeks ago I wasn't running anything, so yeah!

Someday I would like to be at a point where I run 3 miles on my chill days and 4-5 miles on my cardio days. But not yet. And fortunately there really is no rush.

I also made the adjustment, freaking brilliant, of running before doing weights. Yeah that helps a whole heck of a lot. Need to do more warm though. Anyways.

Ran 2 miles 30 minutes
Weights, went up 10 on a few.
400 each back ups/situps with hip addition.

In about a month this is going to translate into serious improvement to my skating. Right now my body is building new muscles and adjusting to the activity.

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