Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11, 2011

Well some days I am just a freakin genius!

So my right knee is back in fighting form, yeah! But the left calf is still having some issues. It makes for running a little difficult and especially on cardio days where I try to run for 45 minutes in stead of 30.

Anyways I was doing good for the first 15 minutes and then it started aching and being a bit crampy. When I run I compensate for any aches or pains by adjusting my stride. Because I run such a short distance for a short easy time and pace, I'm not really in any danger of doing serious damage.

But I'm a beginning runner, at least on a regular basis, and the muscles still need time to adjust so there are some growing pains.

I got through 30 minutes and 2 miles at an easy pace with a little limping and decided to stop. It was shorter than I wanted but it would have to do. Then the genius struck. Why not just run another 30 later in the day! Yeah I know, brilliance.

Worked like a champ. Legs felt better and I even got an extra mile in.

Running 4 miles, 60 minutes, with the last .2 of a mile at a 6 mph pace!
400 each situps/backups

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