Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wild rice burrito

So we shop at Costco. We're broke all the time, have small children, and often I really don't feel like cooking anything fancy.

Tonight's meal was a great combination of Costco foods. Cheap and easy.
I actually purchased the wild rice at the co-op as Costco only has wild rice mix.

Wild rice burrito:

Can of Amy's chilli, Amy's lentil soup, or what have you. Everything tastes good in a burrito.
Wild rice, just the black stuff, boiled in a bunch of water for like 30 minutes or until it bursts.
2 boca burgers, nuked and crumbled into the chilli.
Big white processed tortillas. Microwaved for 20 sec to make nice and soft.
Cheap salsa!

drain the rice, mix in the can of chilli and heat. Dump on your nuked tortilla, add a little shredded lettuce and tomato if you're fancy. Cover in salsa!

Damn good!

Sorry no pictures, I was hungry!

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