Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19, 2011

So today is day two sans significant carbs. Let's just say the workout was on the low energy side. I barely made the 2 miles at the gym before doing weights. I try not to worry about it. If I can lose some more pudge a few lame days will be worth it.

My knees were hurting when I ran at the gym so I really felt like I didn't get much of a workout in. So I decided to do another run this evening. A few hours and some aleve always makes the knees better. And I wanted to finally try running outside. Yeah it pretty much rules! It felt great and wasn't harder than the treadmill. Wrapped the knees and they did soo much better. Dur.

Ran 4 miles
400 each weighted sit ups and back ups
100 push ups. They are on my toes, but I still only get like a 3 inch dip. It's cool, they'll get better over time.

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