Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week 4, cold is gone

Apparently the whole eating well and exercising thing is actually good for you. The minor chest cold never really took hold. Something that may be helping is that I haven't had anything to drink the past few nights.

Oh right. Yeah well as soon as I decided I wasn't going to drink, well all I wanted was to drink! Well not all the time, but towards the end of the day, during the tired and sore, post work out feeling. So it didn't go so well. But I think it was contributing to my late night eating and grogginess. So I get a do-over.

The past few nights have been drink free. Really I don't drink that much when I do, but 2 drinks is really all it takes to make me think making a huge meal at 9pm and eating until I have indigestion, is a good idea.

Today's workout was light, but I plan on doing another little run before I go to tonight's scrimmage.

Ran 2.3 miles 30 min
400 each back ups/sit ups
100 push ups
100 knee exercises.
Hopefully I'll add on a few miles later in the day.

It's later and I got a few more in. So total today is 4.5 miles and 60 minutes. Walked the last 5 minutes on my toes.

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