Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 5

Finally made it into the second month of running! That's 28 consecutive days of running.
So today was my big Green Lake debut. It rained, I was nervous...

It was great! Running in the rain felt awesome. The path was perfect with some little hills and plenty of flat areas. Not too many people, beautiful views. I actually passed a few other runners!
I've been tempo running, which I am really digging. It makes the end of the run feel so triumphant!

My knees were pretty sore towards the end and I was good about stretching and taking aleve beforehand so I think its the knee wraps. When I don't use them my knees hurt. I got a set online but the tops dig into my tendons above the back of my knee. And actually when I use the ace bandage it seems to feel really good. So I think I just need a little support. Cheap pharmacy wraps here I come!

Oh and I over shot my car so I added an extra .5 miles to the 2.8 miles.

3.25 miles
400 sit/back ups
100 push ups and knee exercises.

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