Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5 2011

Weights! and more running. 30 minutes 2 miles.
400 each b/s ups

Still want to stop the whole way. But I get excited about running and actually can't wait to do it. What's up with that?

I suppose in a few weeks I won't have so much trouble. but if it wasn't a challenge, I suppose what would be the point?

My knees are doing really well, which kind of a surprise. But then again I have been essentially training for 11 months to get to this point. So maybe not a surprise.

4 apples with peanut butter. Yeah maybe a few too many? And that's way too much peanut butter.
And 2, thankfully only 2, shortbread cookies. 100 cal a pop. Lame. But 2 is way better than the other night with the chocolate covered pretzels. So breakfast and lunch were a meal replacement shake. Yeah.

So a bunch of us with the league are starting the Roller Derby Workout Challenge on the 8th. And no sugar or refined carbs then. So maybe I need to get this sugar snack thing under control by then!

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