Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week 4, tired as hell

Geez louise I was tired today. Getting out of bed was murder. But I did it, dropped off the kid at school and went to the gym.

I got on the treadmill and figured I would do a light day of just 1 mile. I was exhausted and had even considered, if only momentarily, of not going to the gym at all. But then I would just be sitting at home getting bored.

I got through the first mile and felt better. I love when I get to the "I love running!" feeling about 10-15 minutes in. Everything warms up, feels good and the effort is nice. I don't even breath heavy. I've actually been increasing my speed lately to get my lungs working.

Sadly the "I love running!" feeling only lasts for another 10-20 minutes and then it goes back to "when can I stop?". It's ok, it gets better almost every day.

Anyways finished running and did weights like super weak. But I made and have been eeking out the sit/back/push ups over the last few hours. Just sooo tired!

Ran 2.4 miles
400 each back/sit ups
100 knee
25 push ups, but I'll finish them throughout the day today so I get 100.

Today was beautiful out. I can't wait for some dry days where I can get some skating in at the playground. It's coming soon though!

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