Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 9, 2011

So how did I go from being intimidated and excited about the prospect of running 2 miles, to being disappointed that I only ran 2 miles on my "rest" day. Hmmm.

Ran 2 miles, 30 minutes
400 each situps/back ups
15 pushups. Yeah 15, rock on. Oh and they were like a 3 inch dip. One step at a time right?

I'm adding a hip addition to the sit ups and back ups. During certain exercises I hold my legs off the floor and either have them held open or closed to work my hip muscles. I'm having a little bit of i.t. band soreness so I want to get my hips stronger. And it makes the exercises a little harder.

And Sundays are my official "rest" day. So other than the light running and core work I'll be resting.

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